Point Your Rudder Toward Profitable Business Waters

Your course to SEO victory starts here. Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing, increase brand awareness or keep customers coming back for more, Battleship is purpose-built to attract more of the customers that are searching for products and services like yours.

See how it works

Any honest sailor will tell you SEO is a complicated business. That’s why we take care of the hard stuff and make it easy for new clients to get onboard. These 5 steps are how we start the navigation.

FREE SEO Strategy Session

When we say free, we mean it. The intel you get from your zero dollar, 30-minute, 1-on-1 session is yours to keep at no cost to you, forever. You can even tell other people what you learned. All we ask is that you mention you learned it from Battleship — and it was 100% free.

Set Revenue and Profit Goals for Your SEO

There’s no point starting a mission if you don’t have a clear objective. Make no mistake, our crew is here to make money for you. Knowing how big of a victory you’re aiming at is a big part of how we design the unique tactics needed to achieve your goals.

Your Custom SEO Battle Plan

This is where we chart the specific course to your SEO victory. Without a strategic plan and defined goals, companies tend to jump onto whatever new SEO trend comes along — often before they have any proven results. A solid Battle Plan keeps you on course.

Speed and Budget For Your Fleet

No two Battle Plans are the same, and even your unique plan will have its own variations. All business decisions need to be based on ROI and what goals are realistic for the resources available. Step 4 is when we get down to the brass tacks of money and time.

Adapt, Repeat, Profit.

Economist Tim Harford said, “No plan survives first contact… What matters is how quickly the leader is able to adapt.” This part of the plan is when we look at what’s working, what needs to be adjusted, and any new tactics to keep you sailing toward victory.

Your SEO Arsenal: the tools that drive traffic to
your site and put more profit in your books.

SEO Battle Plan

Our customized plan uses a 360 approach to build a solid SEO framework for your business. This chart will help you navigate toward substantial, sustainable growth for years to come.

Content Marketing Strategy

This intel is part of a high-level plan for creating and distributing content to grow your audience and reach your business goals.

Technical SEO

Humans are just part of the modern SEO equation — you also have to keep search robots happy.  Our tools can fix the technical part of SEO to get attention from the algorithms, and the people they serve.

On-Page SEO

Our crew will focus on content and HTML source code refinements and optimize individual web pages to attract more relevant traffic in search engines.

Off-Page SEO

This tactic enhances your website’s reputation and ranking through activities outside of your website, such as link building and social media engagement.

Local SEO

Increases your business's visibility in local search results, connecting you with a geographically targeted audience and driving foot traffic.

Mobile SEO

Most of your prospective new customers will use a smartphone to start their search. Our veteran UX Team and Dev Squad can advise on how to adjust your site for mobile viewers.

E-commerce SEO

Increasing sales is the ultimate goal for everything we do. We’ll adapt our SEO strategies to attract more visitors, improve user experience, and increase sales for your online store.

Keyword Research

Battleship will identify and integrate key search terms into your content in order to make your website more visible when people search for your products and services.

Content Writing

Our Copywriting Division will produce engaging, SEO-optimized written content to engage your audience’s interest, build brand trust, and convert causal readers into loyal customers.

Website Speed Optimization

Like Goose and Maverick, we always feel the need for speed. Our experts will improve your site's load times to enhance user experience and positively influence search engine rankings.

GBP Optimization

Battleship’s mechanics can fine-tune your Google Business Profile and the nuts and bolts of your website to help you stand out on local search, get more leads and win new customers.


Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust are key factors for modern search. Our team of specialists brings years of in-depth knowledge and experience to your E-E-A-T equation.

Performance PR

Strategic Public Relations posts on Social Media and other channels can boost your brand's visibility and credibility along with your SEO results.

Link Building

Battleship clients never sail alone. We secure backlinks on researched sites so your business can build authority, visibility, and increase traffic through referrals. Our tactics are flexible, scalable and 100% hands-off.

Reviews Management

Give your rank a promotion. By getting more 5-star reviews, your business will rise up to the first page for Google searches in your area. Having a solid reputation is the fastest way to convert new leads into real sales.

Google Ads

Launch your campaign at full speed with our Google Ad specialists. With billions of searches per day, paid advertising is a target-rich environment to get your company and its products on everyone’s radar right away.

Take a Tour of Our Battleship imagery

Take a Tour of Our Battleship

Now that you’ve seen the long version, here’s the shortest answer for How It Works: talk to us. Long-lasting, profitable business ventures all start with people getting together, talking about what they’re trying to achieve, and gathering the resources and expertise to make it happen.

No matter how big (or small) your mission is, the Battleship Crew is ready to help chart a course to victory. Send a signal to our radio operator and we’ll get back to you right away.