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Battleship was built to serve maximum online visibility for our clients — along with the increased traffic, leads and conversions that come with it. Every rivet of our ship is engineered for steady results, and it’s all maintained by our fearless crew of SEO experts.
Let’s connect your sales pipeline to a sales ocean. Our modern SEO can open a shipping lane that leads business strait to your main harbour.
The days of kidnapping search results and using underhanded keyword piracy are long gone. Battleship’s tactical SEO operations use real marketing intelligence and modern search tech to land new customers on your shores. If you have drifted into the mysterious Bermuda Triangle below second page ranking, we can steer you back onto the high sees of profitable web traffic.

Ask us about the fastest way to turn your ship around and keep it above water for good.

Battleship’s Manifest

Our crew includes online veterans with over 25 years of experience in marketing intelligence and digital special operations. We have carried brand cargo for everyone from top space agencies to Vegas casinos, and always look forward to welcoming new companies aboard our mighty ship.

Craig Bedard

Admiral, Founder, Chief Navigator

The leader of our northern fleet was once a small business owner and operator himself, with early experience in retail sales and the stormy seas of food and beverage. Craig navigated into digital ops in the late ‘90s before working in web design and a brand-new discipline named SEO in the early 2000s.

This led to years of experience with Calgary’s legendary digital agency, Critical Mass, where he worked on an exceptionally long list of Fortune 500 accounts including Mercedes Benz USA,, Albertsons, Visit Las Vegas, NASA,, Proctor & Gamble and a boatload more.

Craig sailed off on his own in the mid-2000s by launching a full-service digital agency named iAppeal, which was later rebranded as Redline. This award-winning operation enjoyed over 15 years of success, and helped him recruit talented crew members for his code based Nerder company and the tactical SEO armada known as Battleship.

Cameron Prockiw

Admiral, Founder, Master-At-Arms

Battleship’s other top brass is Cameron Prockiw, who is currently on patrol from Australia’s Port of Melbourne. He enlisted in the digital service back when green CRT monitors and cassette tape storage were standard equipment, and was somehow texting across the globe before the computer mouse or WWW protocol were released for civilian use.

Cameron built his first website for one of Canada’s largest gas station chains, Petro-Canada, in 1996 and went on to work with clients across a wide range of business sectors, including work for ATB Financial, BrokerLink, Cabela’s, Swoop, and QBE Insurance.

Cameron graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Business) at the U of C, Majoring in Management Information Systems (Software Design and Implementation). He then went on to found an ocean of digital operations including Battleship, Nerder, Vovia, Cornerstone Digital Canada, Cornerstone Digital Australia, and

Lead Officers

Our lead officers include online veterans, each with over 10 years of experience in marketing intelligence and special operations.

  • Mladen Mladenovic SEO Lead, Search Ops Commander
  • Diane Desouza Content Lead, Chief Language Officer
  • Boris Calles Client Success Lead, Mission Captain

Meet the Crew

What really keeps this big, beautiful boat afloat is our incredible crew of talented specialists. We have a core group of Battleship operatives spread around the globe and a flexible roster of contractors who are ready to come aboard for almost any size mission.

On top of our main bases in Calgary, Alberta, and Melbourne, Australia, we have people in almost every time zone on both sides of the equator. Whether you prefer to share your business intelligence in English, Spanish, Serbian, Urdu or a dozen other languages, Battleship can answer the call worldwide.

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